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Vault Dweller Icons

by CodyRiffs


Introducing "The Vault Dweller" Icon Pack for Elgato Stream Deck, the ultimate accessory for Fallout enthusiasts and streamers alike. With over 100 meticulously crafted icons inspired by the iconic video game and its new TV adaptation, this pack brings the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout right to your fingertips.

Choose from two striking color schemes: "Vault-Tec Blue" and "Nuka-Cola Red", each embodying the distinct aesthetic of the Fallout universe. From classic Vault-Tec logos to iconic Nuka-Cola bottle caps, these icons capture the essence of the wasteland like never before.

Enhance your streaming setup with a touch of retro-futuristic flair, ensuring that every command and action reflects the spirit of the wasteland. Whether you're broadcasting gameplay or managing your stream, "The Vault Dweller" Icon Pack adds an immersive touch to your Elgato Stream Deck experience. Dominate the airwaves and conquer the wasteland with style.

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