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Creative Tools

Adobe Illustrator Icons

by SideshowFX


Over 660 icons custom-designed specifically for all the shortcuts and tools in Adobe Illustrator.

Build your own tailor-made Stream Deck profile customized to how you like to work using these icons that reflect the look and feel of the Illustrator user interface.

Installs easily. Access all 660+ icons right from within your Stream Deck Software. Find exactly what you're looking for using the Stream Deck software's search feature.

Looking for a pre-programmed Illustrator solution? Check out our Illustrator Pro pack for Stream Deck XL and MK devices featuring all of these icons plus 6 more complete icon sets (Unlabelled, Color etc.), and up to 344 pre-programmed commands. In addition, the Pro pack gives you 800 pre-made swatches all available at the press of a button.

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Creative Tools