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AI DeckAssistant

by Martijn Smit


A.I. at your fingertips. Literally.

With DeckAssistant, you can select text in any application and send it to our A.I. with a prompt, or bring up a freeform prompt window for endless possibilities. After receiving the initial response, you can continue your conversation online.

Prompting choices are endless, but here are a few examples: "Summarize this text", "Find bugs in this code", "translate this text to English", "write a polite decline for this email".

DeckAssistant is the ultimate productivity tool for Stream Deck, providing AI-powered features that simplify your workflow and save you time.

What's new?

Tired of waiting? No more; DeckAssistant now responds instantly! No more waiting for long answers. With v3.0, DeckAssistant will reply as if the AI is typing back to you. Experience a seamless and lightning-fast response. ⚡️



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