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Audio Mixer

by Javan Poirier


A dynamic volume mixer with process icons that reflects the windows volume mixer. Control each independent process' volume as applications open and close. No need to statically assign a button to a single application, the application placeholder actions will update accordingly.

IMPORTANT: To have the plugin work best and provide as many process icons as possible, please ensure you are running your Stream Deck app as an administrator. Some apps may show a default icon if not running as administrator.

Features: Inline Controls Have a small stream deck? Instead of dedicating buttons to volume controls, only show controls when you select an application you want to control.

Static Applications Want an application to stay on the same key regardless if it's open or not? Make it static.

Application Blacklisting Have an application you know you will never want to control? Add it to your blacklist to prevent it from being displayed on your Stream Deck.

What's new?

✦ Added volume step to volume key.

✦ Added ability to hold volume keys.

✦ Added error reporting to find bugs and improve experience.

✦ Added settings list filtering. (i.e Blacklisted apps wont show in the static app list)

✦ Fixed static volume key volume label not showing.

✦ Fixed a volume change from updating inline control keys.

✦ Fixed changing default output device causes app to crash.

✦ Fixed issue with removing blacklisted app that are not open.

✦ Fixed issue with static volume keys not respecting volume step.

✦ Fixed issue with applications remaining selected when the session is lost.

✦ Fixed process with multiple audio sessions not have the same volume on initialization.

✦ Fixed issues with incompatible setting selections (i.e The same blacklisted and static app)

✦ Fixed issue with static app list not showing the current value.



3.88 MB

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