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Webcam Frame


by StreamSpell


Dive into the fiery depths of the Blaze Stream Package, where the scorching spirit of a fire-type Pokémon roars to life. This collection is designed to set your streaming ablaze with its vibrant, fiery design!

The Blaze Stream Package includes:

  • One-click files: Import the package easily into your favorite streaming software. Compatible with Streamlabs and OBS Studio.
  • Animated Screens: Ignite your viewers' excitement with dynamic Starting, BRB, Intermission, and Ending animated screens, each one sparking with the energy of fire attacks.
  • Offline Screen: Keep the flame alive in your community, even when you're not streaming.
  • 12 Animated Alerts + sound effects: Make each follow, subscription, and donation a burst of fire with attention-grabbing alerts.
  • 16:9 Webcam Frame: Frame your live reactions within a fiery border that complements your gameplay.
  • Modular Stream Labels: Display important stream stats to show back some love for your supporters!
  • 41 Stream Panels: Guide your viewers with easy navigation to various sections of your channel, each panel styled with a fiery motif.
  • Animated Stinger Transition: Sweep your audience into the next scene with a transition as quick and fierce as a fire spin.
  • Social Media Headers + Profile Pictures: Spread your presence across multiple platforms with cohesive branding.
  • Editable files: Customize the text to fit your unique identity, with editable Photoshop (.PSD) and After Effects (.AE) files included.

Ignite your streaming journey with the Blaze Stream Package – where the essence of fire-type might meets the world of streaming!

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Webcam Frame


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