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Davinci Resolve Unlabelled

by SideshowFX


Over 1200 icons custom-designed specifically for all the shortcuts and tools in Davinci Resolve.

Build your own tailor-made Stream Deck profile customized to how you like to work using these icons that reflect the look and feel of the Davinci user interface. All 1200+ icons are unique (no duplicates).

Installs easily. Access all 1200+ icons right from within your Stream Deck Software. Find exactly what you're looking for using the Stream Deck software's search feature.

Compatible with all Stream Deck devices.

Looking for a pre-programmed Davinci solution? Check out our Davinci Pro pack for Stream Deck XL and MK devices featuring all of these icons plus 6 more complete icon sets (Labelled, Color etc.), and up to 1300 pre-programmed commands. Davinci Pro pack for Stream Deck Plus also available.

Also check out our Davinci Color Panel packs allowing you access to every color control parameter in the Davinci Color page right from your device.

*DAVINCI RESOLVE, DAVINCI, RESOLVE, the DAVINCI RESOLVE Logo and icon are trade marks of Blackmagic Design Pty Ltd. SideshowFx Inc. are not affiliated, associated, or endorsed by Blackmagic Design Pty Ltd.

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