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Glow Gato

by Blaze Wheeler


Futuristic Neon Glow: Elevate your stream deck with a captivating neon glow for a sleek and sophisticated look.

Over 300 Icons: A comprehensive collection catering to streamers, software developers, and everyday users.

Streamers' Paradise: Icons for popular platforms like Twitch, OBS, TipeeeStream, Xsplit, Kick, and YouTube.

Developer-Friendly: Tailored icons for leading IDEs including Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, Xcode, Android Studio, Eclipse, and IntelliJ IDEs.

Multilingual Coding: Representing a variety of programming languages – C, C++, C#, Python, Java, Kotlin, Dart, Flutter, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, XML, Markdown, YML, PHP, React, NodeJS, SQL, and more.

Dynamic Aesthetics: Transform your workspace with dynamic and vibrant icons that enhance both your streaming and coding experience.

"Glow Gato" is more than an icon pack; it's a visual upgrade for your Elgato Stream Deck, offering a futuristic command center that reflects your unique style and passion.

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