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i-net CoWork

by i-net software


With the i-net CoWork extension for Stream Deck, meetings can be controlled easily and effectively. Even starting calls in the current channel is possible. There are no limitations to what you can do.

Supported functions:

✦ Start / Leave Call: An audio call in the current channel can be started and also ended again.

✦ Start / Stop Camera: The webcam can be switched on and off in the active call.

✦ Mute / Unmute: The microphone can be muted and also turned on again in the active call.

✦ Silence / Clear: The complete audio input and output can be activated and deactivated.

✦ Raise Hand: In order to have your chance to speak in a meeting, you can raise your hand in the active call and lower your hand again.

✦ Send Reaction: All reaction emojis enabled on the server can be set as an action to fade in during a call.

✦ Online Status: The online status including a user-defined status text can be changed by pressing a button.

✦ Start / Stop Screenshare: Screen sharing in the active call (or as a new call without audio participation) can be started or ended. Note: After starting the sharing, the browser shows a selection of screens and windows. The content to be shared must still be selected and confirmed.


✦ The operation of an i-net CoWork server version 23.4 or higher is required.

✦ The WebAPI as well as Token Authentication Plugin must be installed.

✦ The user needs the permission to access i-net CoWork, the WebAPI as well as the Token Authentication.

✦ A Bearer token must be added in the user account to allow access to CoWork.

✦ When setting up the actions in the Stream Deck, the connection to the i-net CoWork server must be set up once. This requires the server name (base address) as well as the created Bearer token.

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