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Microsoft Teams

by Microsoft


Conferencing made easy. With the Microsoft Teams plugin, run your meetings and webinars on the fly. Spend less time micromanaging your mic or fumbling over camera controls. Instead, streamline communications to a key press and give colleagues your full attention.

Actions include:

  • Background Blur: Turn background blur on or off
  • Camera: Turn your camera on or off
  • Leave: Leave the current meeting
  • Mute: Mute or unmute your microphone
  • Raise Hand: Raise or lower your hand
  • Applause: Send an applause reaction
  • Laugh: Send a laugh reaction
  • Like: Send a like reaction
  • Love: Send a love reaction
  • Surprised: Send a surprised reaction

To connect Microsoft Teams to Stream Deck, open your Teams account settings. Next, select the Privacy tab, then scroll down and select Manage API. Make sure Enable API is turned on, then copy your API token. Back in Stream Deck, drag any action from the Microsoft Teams plugin onto an open key. Finally, paste your API token into the empty field. You only have to do this once, not every time you create a new action.

This plugin features dynamic displays. That means your icon appearance updates in real-time — and changes with each press!

Want your Teams actions at your fingertips anytime you join a meeting? With smart profiles, Stream Deck automatically switches profiles based on the app you’re using. To get started, create a new profile and drag over any Teams actions you’d like. Then go to Preferences, select the Profiles tab, and select the profile you just created. From the Application dropdown, select Microsoft Teams. You’re all set, now your Teams actions will appear automatically any time you’re in the app!

This plugin supports both Windows and macOS.

Ready to take control of your workflow? Get the official Microsoft Teams plugin for Stream Deck.

What's new?
  • Compatibility with new Microsoft Teams
  • Improved pairing process


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