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by OWN3D


You can use your OWN3D stream overlay package across all streaming platforms (Twitch, Kick, YouTube, Facebook, Trovo and more) and any popular broadcasting software (OBS Studio, StreamElements, Twitch Studio, XSplit or Lightstream). This lets you transform your stream into a real eye-catcher, no matter the platform you use!

The overlay packages from OWN3D are the all-round carefree package for every streamer. In this package you get all the graphics, animations and sounds you need for a professional stream.

What is included in an overlay package from OWN3D? Intermission banners: Starting banner Pause banner End banner Offline banner Blank intermission banner

Alerts: 15 Animated alerts New Cheer New Donation New Follower New Host New Like New Member New Merch New Primegift New Raid New Redemption New Share New Stars New Subscriber New Superchat New Supporter

Overlays: 1-2 fullscreen overlay with 4 info labels 4 info labels as seperate

Webcam overlays: Webcam Overlay Webcam Overlay with 4 info labels Greenscreen webcam overlay Greenscreen webcam overlay with 4 info labels

Talking banners: Talking banner with webcam Talking banner for greenscreen

Profile: Profile picture 300x300px Twitch profile banner 14 Twitch Panels Youtube profile banner

Misc: Scene Transition Desktop wallpaper

Details Easy and quick setup with our special guides Every design is handmade from design experts PSDS included Fully animated (WEBMS included) For Twitch, Kick, Facebook, YouTube, Trovo. Works with OBS Studio, Streamlabs, Twitch Studio, XSplit, Lightstream. Works with any PC, notebook, or Mac You can use the files immediately after download.

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