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Retro Garage Package

by FragileGFX


Cruising night with the iconic JDM's

Our Retro Garage stream package is here to help you prepare for the future streams! This package works beautifully with Racing games like all versions of forza horizon and motorsport, IRacing, .. etc. Night sky with the retro garage vibes of Japanese domestic cars. This bundle relies heavily on night colors with different shades of blue and purple, you can actually feel the chill of the Retro tuning live.

This Package includes:

  • Animated Cam Border - (16:9).
  • Animated Screens - Starting, BRB, Ending, Offline, 2 Different Intermissions.
  • Stinger Transition
  • 12 Animated Alerts - Alerts with sound effects to add a little spice to your stream.
  • 42 Panels - All kind of panels you can think of and it's editable too.
  • Stream Label - To customize your stream the way you like.
  • Social Media Bundle - With banner and Profile pic that matches all social media platforms.
  • Source Files to edit images - PSD Files included
  • One-Click Installation with tutorials to walk you through the installing process.
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