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RME TotalMix FX

by shells


Control TotalMix FX with StreamDeck! Features: (rather complete) OSC and (limited) MIDI implementation. Load snapshots/mixes, toggle mute/solo globally and on individual channels, change channel volume, pan, gain, phase, cue, width, control master out and many other settings. Visit the project Github-site linked below to view a full manual!

What's new?

✦ Reworked the Mirror function to make it more robust, quicker, less resource intensive, and compatible with Windows 11

✦ Added multiple additional icons to make actions more clear (less using the default "Mixer"-style logo, which made different actions look the same)

✦ Track channel names as set in TotalMix are reflected on the StreamDeck to make it easier to distinguish buttons.

✦ Made track/channel name display optional but the default for all actions

✦ Phantom Power can now be mirrored and moved to Trigger Channel Functions

✦ Windows 11 related issues are fixed now.

✦ Plugin (or at least mirroring) stopping working after it ran a while is fixed now.

✦ Mirroring is now globally enabled for the plugin by default.

✦ Removed the option to mirror single buttons from the UI to unclutter the menu.

✦ Snapshot names will be read from the local TotalMix config file as they are not transmitted via OSC

✦ Added checks for TotalMix being unreachable

✦ Support for more than 16 channels!

✦ During button load, the plugin now tries to determine how many channels the interface offers (which is rather what the user set in the "faders per bank" setting in TotalMix OSC setup) and offers only these channels in the plugin

✦ Fixed some less common actions from sending the wrong value.



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