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Streamsight Scheduler - Basic Rounded - PSD Templates + System

by Streamsight


Ever get fed up with having to edit your stream schedule every week & it feeling like a whole job in itself? It used to take us almost an hour to do ours so we decided to go and find a way of making it easier.

Enter the Streamsight Scheduler. This schedule template removes the need for you to understand how to edit Photoshop files & makes it super easy to update your schedule every week.

This is our "Basic Rounded" design that has the full functionality of our scheduling system & allows you to customise your schedule to suit your needs whatever platform you choose to create on.

Even if you choose to change designs later on, the system you get access to can still be used, so whatever design you have, you can still use the same system, to switches designs only takes minutes, not hours or days.

With your purchase, you receive:

  • Access to the Streamsight Scheduler System (uses Google Sheets)
  • The "Basic Rounded" Photoshop 3, 5 & 7 Day Templates (Photoshop required)
  • Full PDF How To Instructions
  • Video How To Instructions (COMING SOON)
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