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Win Tools

by BarRaider


Control Windows from the Stream Deck. Control the volume of apps or devices, Toggle Bluetooth/Wifi on or off, use the 'Explorer Scratch Pad' to quickly cycle between common folders, 'Multi-Clip' turns every key to an individual clipboard, Ping servers and see latency, change power plans, Stop/Start/Restart Windows services, Virtual Desktop support, and more

What's new?
  • Stream Deck+ Dials Support - Adjust the volume and mute/unmute Applications and Playback/Recording devices using the dials
  • Monitor Brightness action allows you to modify your monitor's Brightness`
  • Multi-Monitor Projection action allows you to mimic the Win-P key and choose if you want to Extend/Duplicate your monitors
  • Shutdown/Restart action allows you to Shutdown/Reset/Standby/Hibernate your Windows machine
  • USB Control action allows you to Enable/Disable USB devices and see their status on the key* Bluetooth Control action allows you to Connect Bluetooth devices and see their status on the key
  • Multi Clip Clear action allows you to easily clear Multi Clip keys
  • Default Audio Device action now turns green if the current default device is the one selected in the settings
  • Default Audio Device now allows you to choose if you want to change the Default Playback, Default Communication, or both
  • Long Pressing the Ping action key will open a URL you can set in the settings
  • Windows Explorer Scratch Pad action will now shows a lock icon if key was locked from the settings
  • Multi Clip action will now change color if you have something saved in the multi clipboard
  • Pressing the IP action key will save your current IP to the clipboard
  • When using the Current Application mode on App Volume Adjust action, the image of key will change to that of the current app
  • Mute indication is now shown on both App Volume Adjust/Set and Audio Device Adjust/Set actions
  • New Show Name option for Audio Device Adjust/Set/Mute actions
  • Fixed Virtual Desktop support on latest builds of Win11
  • Virtual Desktops in Switch Virtual Desktop action are now ordered by name


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