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by Krabs


Clockworks, the ultimate Clock plugin for Stream Deck that empowers you to build, design, and customize a captivating digital clock experience across multiple buttons. With Clockworks, your Stream Deck becomes a symphony of time, seamlessly integrating clock functionality into your streaming, productivity, or gaming setup.

Clockworks offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing you to easily configure and arrange your digital clock across various buttons on your Stream Deck. Effortlessly create a visually stunning time display that complements your personal style and enhances your workspace.

With Clockworks' extensive customization options, you have complete control over every visual aspect of your digital clock. Adjust the size, color, and font of the clock digits to ensure they perfectly match your Stream Deck's button layout and aesthetic.

  • Hour Formats: Choose between 12-hour and 24-hour formats for displaying the hours on your clock.
  • Flexible Digit Displays: Customize the appearance of hours, minutes, and seconds with options for both one and two-digit displays. This allows for seamless integration with different clock styles and designs.
  • Versatile Month Formats: Display the month in your preferred format, including abbreviated month names (e.g., Jan, Feb) and month numbers (e.g., 01, 02).
  • Day of the Month and Week: Show the day of the month in a two-digit format (e.g., 01, 02) and the day of the week using abbreviated names (e.g., Mon, Tue).
  • Various Year Formats: Select from different year formats, including the first two digits, the second two digits, or the full four-digit representation.
  • Multiple Separators: Customize the separator between different time units with a choice of symbols such as colons (:), dashes (-), periods (.), or slashes (/). Additionally, you can adjust the size of separators to match your preferred aesthetic.
  • Extensive Font Selection: Personalize your digital clock by choosing from a wide range of fonts. Find the perfect style that complements your Stream Deck setup and overall theme.
  • Blank Button Support: Incorporate a blank button within your clock design to add visual balance and flexibility. You can customize its background color and even add an image to further enhance its appearance.
  • Automatic Local Time: Clockworks seamlessly utilizes your local time, ensuring your digital clock always reflects the correct time based on your location. You can rely on accurate timekeeping without any manual adjustments.

With Clockworks, your Stream Deck transforms into a masterpiece of timekeeping and design. Embrace the power to build, design, and customize your digital clock across multiple buttons with Clockworks' versatility, aesthetic appeal, and intuitive functionality. Unlock a new dimension of visual elegance and productivity with Clockworks—where time becomes art.

What's new?
  • Fixed CSS issues caused by Stream Deck SDK Update.
  • Updated Previews, Plugin Icon, & Description.


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