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Discord Messenger

by Krabs


Discord Messenger: The Ultimate Stream Deck Plugin for Discord Embed Templates

Communicating with your Discord community has never been easier! Introducing Discord Messenger, the revolutionary Stream Deck plugin that empowers you to send highly customizable formatted messages to your Discord Server with just a click. Unlock a new level of interaction and engagement with your audience through a variety of versatile templates tailored to your needs.

📨 Simple Message Template: Send straightforward messages to your Discord Server with ease. Customize the content, add emojis, and express yourself effortlessly.

📣 Custom Embed Message Template: Make a lasting impression with beautifully crafted embed messages. Bring your announcements to life by personalizing every detail, including titles, descriptions, colors, and more.

🎥 Twitch Now Streaming Template: Keep your community informed when you go live on Twitch. Automatically share vital information such as your Twitch channel name and current stream topic/game.

📹 YouTube Video Template: Share your latest YouTube videos directly to Discord. With automated video information and customizable descriptions, you can entice your community to click and watch effortlessly.

🐦 Twitter Post Template: Keep your Discord community up to date with your latest tweets. Share Twitter posts seamlessly, complete with usernames, post URLs, and captivating descriptions.

But that's not all! Discord Messenger offers unparalleled customization options to truly make each message your own:

✏️ Personalize Your Identity: Display your name, avatar, and message to add a personal touch to every interaction. Let your community know it's you.

🔊 Text to Speech: Enable or disable the option for your messages to be read aloud using text-to-speech technology. Ensure everyone can hear your announcements loud and clear.

🖌️ Tailor Your Embeds: Fine-tune the appearance of your embed messages to match your brand. Customize the author information, icons, links, colors, and more. Create visually stunning announcements.

📸 Eye-Catching Images: Make your messages pop with vibrant visuals. Utilize main images, thumbnails, footer icons, and more to captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.

📚 Templates Galore: Whether you're a content creator, streamer, or community manager, our collection of templates covers all your communication needs. From simple messages to rich embeds, we have you covered.

⚠ Note: This plugin requires an active internet connection and the Discord Server Widget JSON API URL to function correctly.

What's new?
  • Now allows to ping @everyone.
  • PI changes and clean up.
  • New preview images and new icons.


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