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Compressor (macOS)

by Elgato


Keep your sound in check. With the Elgato Compressor, balance audio using a simple slider and easy-to-read waveforms. No more confusing knobs and gauges, no more frustrating peaking — just smooth, studio-like audio. Accessible for beginners yet powerful for the pros, this effect is loaded with controls to finetune directly in Wave Link. So you can create audio your listeners will love, whether you’re on air, in the studio, or on a voice call.

What makes this free voice effect so special:

  • Always be heard: Amplify the softest voices and whispers, even when you’re too far from the mic.
  • Soften the highs: Save your listeners’ ears from loud clipping and distortion, even when laughing or shouting.
  • Easy to use: Just adjust the threshold slider to even your audio — no unnecessary knobs or gauges.
  • Visualize it: Your waveform adjusts in real-time with compression, so you not only hear the difference — you can see it.
  • Beginner-friendly: New to audio compression? Take the built-in tutorial and learn as you go.
  • Feature-rich: Already a compressor pro? Finetune advanced settings like ratio, attack, and release.
  • Ultra accessible: No special hardware required, all you need is a Windows system.
  • Instant setup: Installs automatically to Wave Link with just a few clicks.
  • DAW-ready: As a VST3 plugin, this effect works in other apps like Reaper, Ableton Live, and Cubase.

What’s a compressor and why is it useful? Here’s what you need to know:

  • In general, compressors reduce the volume of loud audio and raise the volume of quiet audio
  • This creates more consistent sound levels, free of harsh peaking or inaudible dialogue
  • Audio compression results in a smoother listening experience, without having to constantly adjust volume

Got a Stream Deck? Using the Wave Link plugin, toggle Compressor with a key press. Friends in a noisy environment?

Ready to level out your audio? Try the Elgato Compressor in Wave Link or your favorite DAW app and sound your best.

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