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Control Neo Profile

by Elgato


Maximize Your Elgato Experience with the Control Neo Profile

Elevate your interaction with the entire Elgato Neo lineup using the Control Neo Profile, specifically crafted to turn your Stream Deck into the ultimate control hub for your Neo devices. Tailored for streamers, gamers, and professionals alike, this profile ensures that comprehensive control over your setup is always just a button press away.

Key Features of the Control Neo Profile:

Total Device Mastery: Manage your Wave Link, Control Center, and Camera Hub with pinpoint accuracy. Each button on the Control Neo Profile is meticulously programmed to maximize the functionality of your Neo devices, ensuring efficient and intuitive control.

  • 55 Custom-Crafted Icons: Delight in the visual appeal of 55 bespoke icons, each designed to visually enhance your Stream Deck experience. These icons are crafted with lively gradients and dynamic 3D effects, perfectly complementing the modern aesthetics of your setup.

  • Streamlined Navigation: Navigate the extensive capabilities of your Neo hardware effortlessly. The Control Neo Profile features well-organized pages that simplify your workflow, enabling quick adjustments and smoother operation.

  • Vibrant and Engaging Design: The Control Neo Profile not only looks spectacular but also improves usability. Its vibrant color gradients and tactile 3D icons help you swiftly identify and execute the control you need, enhancing both functionality and visual pleasure.

Elevate Your Setup: The Control Neo Profile transforms your Stream Deck into a powerful epicenter for managing the Neo product line. It's engineered to streamline your operations, allowing you to fine-tune settings swiftly and focus more on your creative, gaming, or professional tasks.

Unlock Your Creative Potential: Step into a realm where your technology intuitively conforms to your needs. The Control Neo Profile by Elgato is your ticket to a more seamless and empowered experience. Enhance your utilization of the Neo lineup and experience the fluidity and power of true technological integration.

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