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Work Neo Profile

by Elgato


Boost Your Productivity with the Stream Deck Work Neo Profile

Maximize efficiency and control your workday with the Work Neo Profile, specifically tailored for professionals and remote workers. This profile harnesses the power of the Stream Deck Neo to bring you a highly organized, efficient workspace at your fingertips.

Key Features:

  • Home Dashboard: Start your day with a custom dashboard featuring a timer, calendar, and shortcuts to your most frequently used actions like saving and printing documents.
  • Tools Page: Access essential tools such as a notepad, calculator, world clocks, and real-time weather and CPU usage updates.
  • Work Apps Page: Quickly open and manage documents and folders that are pivotal to your daily tasks.
  • Communication Pages:
  • Slack Page: Streamline your team interactions with quick access to Slack, including advanced controls like instant status updates.
  • Microsoft Teams Page: Manage meetings and team communications efficiently with integrated controls for Microsoft Teams.
  • Professional Design: 59 custom-designed icons that evoke a professional aesthetic, matching the Neo product lineup with a subtle glow for a soft and welcoming desk presence.

Enhance Your Work Environment: The Work Neo Profile is not just about simplifying tasks; it's about transforming how you interact with your work environment. It enables quick access to tools and applications, reducing the time spent navigating and allowing more time for focused work.

Required Plugins for Optimal Functionality: Ensure you have all the tools you need by installing the following plugins from the Elgato Marketplace:

With the Work Neo Profile, every function you need to remain productive is neatly organized and easily accessible, making it a game-changer for anyone looking to improve their productivity and streamline their workday.

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