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by Videophile


Elevate your workflow with this Excel profile for Stream Deck. Featuring 32 handy actions, you’ll save time and make your workday easier. Whether it’s comments, hyperlinks, formulas, and much more - now available to you with just one click.

About this profile: 32 actions, carry out common in-app commands Themed icons: Designed to match Excel’s branding Device compatibility: Works best with Stream Deck XL Windows only: This profile does not support macOS

Actions included:

  • New: Create a new document
  • Open: Open a document
  • Save: Save your file
  • Close WB: Closes your current workbook
  • Data: Opens the Data Tab in the ribbon
  • Print: Print your Document
  • Maximize Restore: Maximizes or restores your Excel window
  • Close: Closes you Excel window – asks you to save your changes before
  • New Worksheet: Creates a new Worksheet
  • Next Sheet: Switches to your next Worksheet
  • Previous: Switches to your previous Worksheet
  • Format Cells: Opens the Format popup
  • Bolt: Selected cells will get Bolt
  • Comment: Adds a comment
  • Currency Format: Adds your Currency format
  • Percent: Adds the Percent format
  • Undo: Undo your last action
  • Edit Cell: Allows to Edit the Cell instead of overwriting
  • Autofilter: Adds the Autofilter to selected cells
  • Activate Filter: Opens the Filter selection
  • Create Table: Creates a Table for selected cells
  • Select Row: Selects the current Row
  • Select Colum: Selects the current Colum
  • Formular: Opens the Formular tab in the ribbon
  • Copy: Copies the current selection
  • Paste: Pastes the current selection
  • Time: Adds the current Time
  • Date: Adds the current Date
  • Hyperlink: Lets you enter a Hyperlink
  • Auto complete: Opens the Auto complete option for the colum
  • Function: Opens the Function popup
  • Create Name: Creates names using those of either row or column label

With this Stream Deck profile for Excel, you have everything under control.

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