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by Videophile


With 27 powerful actions at your fingertips, you can master the challenges of virtual meetings with ease. Our actions will help you stay focused and concentrated in the conversation. Mute your microphone or disable your camera with a single key press and keep an eye on the status. Share your screen or quickly navigate from chat to calendar.

About this profile: 27 actions, carry out common in-app commands Themed icons: Designed to match Teams branding Device compatibility: Works best with classic Stream Deck Windows only: This profile does not support macOS

Actions included:

  • Navigation: Leads you to the Navigation Folder
  • Team Channel: Opens the “goto” Team/Channel selection
  • Filter: Let’s you filter for names
  • Activity: shows the most recent Activity
  • Chat: Opens the Chat window
  • Teams: Opens the Teams window
  • Calendar: Opens your Calendar
  • Files: Opens your Files Window
  • Search: Search for your Contacts, Messages or Files
  • Important: Set’s the Important Tag to your conversation
  • React: opens the Reactions folder
  • React: Love/Like/Laugh/Applause/Wow: Adds the corresponding reactions
  • Take VidCall: Respond to a call with Video
  • Take AudioCall: Takes the call just with Audio
  • Dismiss Call: Chancel Call
  • Screenshare: Start a screenshare while being in a call
  • New Chat: Begin a New Chat
  • Camera: Starts/Stops your Camera
  • Mute: Mutes/Unmutes you
  • Leave: End a call
  • Raise hand: Raise your hand while being in a call as reaction
  • Background blur: Blurs out the background of your video

Impress your conference attendees and show them that virtual meetings can be managed with precision and organization. With our Stream Deck profile for Teams, you have everything you need to lead your meetings with confidence and grace.

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