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by Elgato


Got a big presentation? Get the PowerPoint plugin and take away the stress of managing controls. From navigating slides to using a laser pointer, Stream Deck brings all the essential actions right to your fingertips. So you can stay focused and deliver naturally, without the need to click through UI or memorize keyboard shortcuts.

Key actions:

  • Slides: Navigate slides during a slide show
  • Pointer: Turn on or off presenter tools
  • Slide Show: Start or end a slide show
  • Views: Turn on or off Slide Sorter view
  • Timer: Keep track of presentation time

Dial actions:

  • Slides: Navigate slides during a slide show

Presenting on the move? Ditch your remote or clicker and use your smartphone instead. With Stream Deck Mobile, control your slides wirelessly using the device that’s already in your pocket.

Works great on any Mac or Windows system.

Ready to nail your presentation? Get the official PowerPoint plugin by Elgato.

What's new?
  • Added new action to enable the Laser Pointer, the Text Marker, Pen and the eraser, including a color selection for the drawing tools. this action will allow the presenter to toggle the drawing and presenter tools on and off while presenting.
  • Added new action toggle the slide overview on and off for windows systems. this will allow the presenter to quickly navigate the slides set.
  • Added new action move the presentation or the referent view to a target monitor, making it easy to setup the presentation as required.
  • Added new action to enable a presentation timer that can reset with the next slide or the next section, or will run throughout the entire presentation, helping you to keep an eye on the time.
  • Merged the action load presentation and play presentation into one new action.
  • Merged the actions, next, previous, first and last slide into one action, that can be configured, added the option to jump to a specific slide.


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