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by Elgato


Embrace the power of reverb to turn your audio into an experience. With Elgato Reverb, your sound will never fall flat.

Your sound has no boundaries. With Elgato ReverbFX, transport listeners to acoustic spaces around the world. Shape your sound from a range of environments like mountains, cathedrals, and faraway forests. It’s easy to use for any skill level, yet powerful enough even for audio pros. From podcasters and musicians to voiceover artists, anyone can add dimension to their audio using Elgato ReverbFX. Install in Wave Link or your favorite DAW today.

Key benefits and features include:

  • Go anywhere: Simulate acoustic environments from around the world (and beyond)
  • Reverb made easy: Achieve professional effects with a simple click, not complex dials and sliders
  • Deep customization: When you’re ready, use controls like pre-delay, diffusion, and size for advanced sound shaping
  • Quick install: Add it to Wave Link and get started in seconds
  • DAW-ready: This effect works in other apps like Reaper, Ableton Live, Cubase and more
  • Ultra accessible: Works on any Windows or macOS system without needing special hardware
  • Up for anything: Add rich reverb to any content, from podcasts and live streams to work calls

Got a Stream Deck? With Wave Link plugin installed, toggle reverb using just a key press.

Shape your sound today with Elgato ReverbFX, available for Wave Link or your favorite DAW app.

What's new?

Changes made to presets will be saved and remain in effect even after the host system is restarted.



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