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Davinci Resolve Profile Stream Deck+

by SideshowFX


The Stream Deck Plus device and our Pro Pack for Davinci Resolve is an editor’s match made in heaven.

Enjoy unprecedented control over your editing timeline, ease of use over your printer lights, Fusion FX adjustments at your fingertips just to name a few. Your post production experience with Davinci is about to level up.

This suite of 8 profiles all link together seamlessly with the Main Profile allowing you to access just the right set of tools for the job at hand.

Whether you are an Assistant, Editor, Colorist, Visual Effects Artist, Sound Designer - whatever your discipline, you’re sure to find just the right collection of tools and commands that help you get the job done quicker.

The Media Workspace gives you four pages of shortcut commands to help with the import and organization of your project assets. Use the dials to assign color labels or select clips based on their color assignment.

The Speed Editor workspace gives you the look and feel of the Blackmagic Speed Editor over three pages. Organized to assist you in working quickly, this workspace launches with the Cut Room and gives you the essential tools to get the edit done fast.

This Editing workspace gives you all the tools you need for in-depth storytelling.Organized across 6 pages, not only do you have the most commonly used shortcuts programmed and ready to go, you also can use the dials to Shuttle and Jog the timeline. Jump to Edit Points. Select and Nudge Clips, Slip Audio and adjust Clip Volume. Navigate Markers and Keyframes. Zoom and Scroll the timeline and move the Video or Audio Track Targets.

Working in the Color Room in Davinci is now easier when using this workspace. Navigate your nodes, save and load memories and work with tracking. Use the rotary dials to cycle through your stills and versions and make Full Printer Lights adjustments to your image.

Effects have never been so easy to work with. 6 Pages of most often used Fusion Effects are combined with rotary dial controls for any of the fx parameters. Move quickly through the values to design and build the effects the way you want.

Choose from 8 professionally designed Node tree structures that automatically build at the press of a button.

Fairlights’ core functions are provided along with rotary dial control of Frame and Subframe Nudging, Clip Volume adjustment as well as Timeline and Waveform Zoom.

A 3 Page workspace dedicated solely to working with Printer Lights in the Color Room. Just as in the Grading workspace, rotary dials control Full Printer Lights but this workspace has the addition of Half and Quarter Printer Light controls for fine tune adjustments of Master, Red, Green, Blue channels and pressing the dials will then give you access to Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. Use the parameter control dials to adjust Open FX values.

The rotary dials allow you to Jog, Shuttle, Jump to Edit Point, Select Clip, Nudge Clip, Navigate Markers and adjust Clip Volume.

Even though we’ve jammed this pack with tons of pre-programmed shortcut commands, Davinci still has plenty more to give. That’s why we’ve included over 1500 icons in Labelled and Unlabelled sets to help you customize this pack to include the commands that are unique to your workflow.

English (QWERTY) or German (QWERTZ) keyboard layout required. Compatible with Davinci Resolve 19 and earlier for Mac and Windows.


  • 1500+ Two-Tone Shortcut Icons Labelled
  • 1500+ Two-Tone Shortcut Icons Unlabelled
  • 8 Two-Tone Labelled Stream Deck Plus Profiles with 272 programmed shortcut keys and 47 programmed rotary functions - english and german layouts
  • Custom Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac and Windows - english / german only)
  • 122 page pdf manual
  • Free updates for life

*DAVINCI RESOLVE, DAVINCI, RESOLVE, the DAVINCI RESOLVE Logo and icon are trade marks of Blackmagic Design Pty Ltd. SideshowFx Inc. are not affiliated, associated, or endorsed by Blackmagic Design Pty Ltd.

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