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Game Action Timer

by Krabs


Introducing Game Action Timer - Your Ultimate Cooldown Management Plugin for Stream Deck!

Never miss a crucial moment in your games again with Game Action Timer, the innovative Stream Deck plugin designed to enhance your gaming experience. Take control of your cooldowns like never before with these powerful features:

⏱️ Cooldown Timer with Keyboard Macro Trigger: Set up your cooldown timers effortlessly using the GameActionTimer.exe in your custom keyboard macros. Experience precision timing for your game actions with ease.

🔘 Real-time Stream Deck Button Updates: Stay informed at all times with the Stream Deck Button displaying the current cooldown time for your triggered action. No more guesswork - you'll know exactly when your skills are ready to be unleashed!

🎨 Customizable Button Images: Personalize your Stream Deck Buttons with images representing the action's readiness status. Easily distinguish between actions that are ready for use and those still on cooldown. And if you prefer, add an optional "Not Ready" image to further level up your setup.

🎮 Create and Customize to Your Heart's Content: With Game Action Timer, you have the freedom to create as many Stream Deck Buttons as you desire. Tailor each one to suit your specific game actions and cooldown requirements. The power is in your hands!

🔊 Audio Alerts for Perfect Timing: When the cooldown ends, Game Action Timer ensures you're promptly notified with an audio alert. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to precise execution!

Streamline your gameplay, optimize your cooldown management, and gain the competitive edge you deserve with Game Action Timer. Download now and elevate your gaming prowess to new heights!

Note: Game Action Timer is compatible with various games and supports popular keyboards. Check the documentation for a list of supported games and hardware.

Get ready to dominate the battlefield with unparalleled timing precision. Download Game Action Timer and elevate your gaming experience today!

Stream Deck Labs GameActionTimer Application is REQUIRED (free) & must be installed separately.

Example usage in a keyboard macro: %APPDATA%\StreamDeckLabs\GameActionTimer\GameActionTimer.exe

What's new?

Version 1.0.5 - 7/28/2023 Graphic/Icon Updates



3.95 MB

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