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Discord 2.0 Update

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James Espinoza

Technical Marketing Specialist

June 29, 2023

Get ready to enhance your Nitro experience as we explore exciting new features we've added to our Discord plugin.

With the new Discord plugin, instantly join voice and chat channels, change audio input selections, control user volume, get live updates from your favorite servers, and much more. Before we dive into these features, let's take a moment to celebrate Discord's birthday... 

Happy Birthday, Discord!

Celebrate with us by checking out the limited-edition Wumpus Stream Deck MK.2 and Wave:3 microphone on our website.

For more information, click here.


New Actions

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Instantly trigger your favorite Discord soundboard clips.


User Volume Control

Tame those extra-loud talkers one by one with Stream Deck keys or Stream Deck + dials. No busted eardrums ever again.


Volume Control

Effortlessly adjust the volume of your audio devices.



Get live server updates, check your active user count, and jump from server to server like it's your superpower.


Set Audio Device

Seamlessly switch between input and output devices.


Voice Input Mode Toggle

Toggle between push-to-talk and voice activity modes.


Server Stats

Scope out who's chatting and call out users with hot mics or annoying fans. Crazy Wave Link VST effects — like noise removal — can help with that. Seriously, it's mind-blowing


Stream Deck Setup

Before using the Discord plugin, you need to authenticate it with your Discord account, which is quick and easy.

  1. Open Stream Deck and Discord.

  2. Drag and drop any Discord action onto a key within the Stream Deck app.

  3. Press the corresponding key on your Stream Deck.

  4. Discord will prompt an authentication message for Stream Deck. Click "Accept" to grant Stream Deck access to control Discord.

That's it! You can now control Discord directly from your Stream Deck.