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Meet Facecam Neo. Great video made easy.

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James Espinoza

Technical Marketing Specialist

May 20, 2024

If you haven't yet, meet Facecam Neo. It's a plug-'n-play 1080p60 webcam that sets up in a snap. So you look true-to-life and silky smooth whether you're meeting, recording, or streaming.

While Facecam Neo works great right out of the box, with no setup needed, it's capable of so much more if you want to go further. And one of the best ways to personalize your video is with digital assets like backgrounds and overlays.

Let's explore some of our favorites, from VTuber scenes to animated graphics and more.

Backgrounds for your video calls

What are backgrounds? Backgrounds are scenes or images that replace your background in videos. They're essential for adding a professional or thematic touch to your presentations, especially useful for content creators, remote workers, or anyone looking to elevate their visual setup.

Here are some of our favorite backgrounds.

5 Free Backgrounds

Perfect for everyone from VTubers to professionals in virtual meetings. These backgrounds feature seamless loops and are compatible with OBS, Camera Hub, and all major video calling applications like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Anime Backgrounds

Dive into a world inspired by Studio Ghibli with these five enchanting anime-style animated backgrounds.

VHS Backgrounds

Bring a touch of retro flair to your video calls with these synthwave sunrise animations. Choose from looping animations or stills to give your stream a nostalgic edge.

Simple setup across apps

Setting up backgrounds with Facecam Neo is straightforward, regardless of your preferred app. Whether you're using Camera Hub, OBS, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams, integrating these backgrounds is just a few clicks away.

To learn more, check out these guides for Camera Hub, Discord, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.

Transform your content with overlays

Overlays are layers that sit over your video content. They can display a range of information — from your most recent followers to donations and sub-alerts, enhancing viewer interaction during your streams. Here’s a glimpse into some of our favorite streaming overlays:

Nano Black

This sleek, nanotechnology-inspired package includes everything you need for a complete streaming makeover, featuring 3D animated scenes and webcam overlays.


Unleash your creativity with StickerBomb’s vibrant, street-style inspired designs, offering a playful way to jazz up your streams.

Neon Vibes

Ideal for those seeking a tranquil yet colorful backdrop, Neon Vibes offers a lofi aesthetic that combines relaxation with city life sophistication.

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