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Plugins You Can Turn To

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James Espinoza

Technical Marketing Specialist

June 22, 2023

Supported plugins

Ready to put those dials and touch strip to use? Discover which plugins already support Stream Deck +. Find new ways to control your favorite apps and devices. And as more dial support rolls out, we'll keep the list below updated. Go ahead, give it a turn!

We wanted to make it easy to find plugins that have been updated with support for new actions using dials. Below is a list of plugins that have dial support.

OBS Studio

Adjust your OBS audio source volume using Stream Deck + dials.

Dial Actions

  • Audio Mixer Volume: Adjust the audio volume of a source.


Ecamm Live (macOS)

Control your Ecamm Live broadcasts to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Restream.

Dial Actions

  • Input Level: Adjust an audio input level.

  • Select Scene: Choose a scene in the Scenes window.

  • Select Overlay: Choose an overlay in the Overlays window.

  • Select Sound: Choose a sound in the Sound Effects window.


Capture One (macOS)

Adjust the image with Stream Deck + dials.

Dial Action

  • Adjust Image: Tags, White Balance, Exposure, HDR, and RGB Levels.


Homey Integration

Control all your Homey devices with Stream Deck.

Dial Actions

  • Control Ranged Settings: Controls a device's ranged numeric value.


OBS Tools

Advanced OBS Studio commands to use with Stream Deck.  

Dial Actions

  • Input Volume: Adjust the volume of inputs in OBS Studio.



VoiceMeeter integration and live feedback.


Dial Actions

  • Gain Adjust: Control the volume of a Strip/Bus. Pressing the dial will toggle mute.

  • Setting Adjust: Control the knobs of a Strip/Bus such as Comp, Gate, Denoiser. Reverb, Delay, Etc.


Discord Volume Mixer

Control individual user's volume on Discord. Dynamic keys that updates with avatars and user speaking.



Dial Actions

  • Voice channel member: Shows users avatar, status, volume. Press it mutes the user.


Volume Controller (Windows)

Control every app's volume with a tap of a key or turn of a dial. Manually select an app or create a volume profile automatically using your running apps.

Dial Actions

  • Manual Detection: Choose an application, then adjust the volume incrementally or toggle mute. Your app volume displays in real-time on the touch strip.


Camera Hub

Unleash your camera's full potential using dial actions for Camera Hub. Turn to adjust settings such as ISO, shutter speed, zoom, and more. Then long press to reset it to its default level.

Dial Actions

  • Adjust Property: Adjust a camera property incrementally.


Control Center

Use dials to control brightness and temperature—no more juggling apps and slider values. Now a push, tap, or turn ensures you have the best lighting.

Dial Actions

  • Adjust Brightness: Turn to adjust brightness, push or tap to turn a light on or off.

  • Adjust Temperature: Turn to adjust color temperature, push or tap to turn the light on or off.


Wave Link

Use Stream Deck + alongside Wave Link for precise audio control. Adjust and mute the volume with a turn or tap.

Dial Actions

  • Input Actions: Turn to adjust input mix volume, tap the touch strip to mute.

  • Output Actions: Turn to adjust mix volume, tap the touch strip to mute.


Philips Hue

Control your Philips Hue lights in a whole new way. Change brightness and temperature with your Stream Deck + dials. Or turn lights on and off with a tap of the touch strip.

Dial Actions

  • Brightness: Adjust brightness incrementally, or set brightness to a preset level.

  • Temperature: Adjust temperature incrementally, or set the temperature to a preset level.



Control any Daw or Midi device using Stream Deck + dials. Additional actions can be set for dial rotate while pressed and dial press.

Dial Actions

  • Generic Midi: Send control change, toggle mute, or program change using dials.

  • Multi Midi: Use up to four generic Midi items on a single dial.


WebSocket Proxy

WebSocket Proxy is a proxy for the Elgato Stream Deck.


Dial Actions

  • WSProxy: Send dial rotation messages remotely through a WebSocket connection


Create a Plugin for Stream Deck

Check out our Stream Deck Development Documentation which covers everything you need to know to create a plugin for Stream Deck and Stream Deck +.