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Blender Pro Profiles for Stream Deck

by SideshowFX


Step up to the Pro Line. Use your Stream Deck 15 key (MK 1 and MK 2) or XL device while you work in Blender to gain speed and leave more time for creativity. Built for Blender this set contains over 1259 custom-made icons plus extensive pre-built Stream Deck profiles featuring up to 887 programmed shortcut keys.

Spend more time creating and less time remembering shortcuts.

Version 3 features many updates, fixes, additions and improvements including over 200 more programmed commands, over 100 new icons and a Labelled Icon pack for all 1259 icons accessible right within your stream deck software for further customization. Check the Version History for detailed information.

Try Before You Buy - Download a small sampler to see if this pack is right for you

English keyboard layout required. Compatible with Blender 4.0 and earlier Compatible with Mac and Win.

What's new?

Version 3.0 provides a major update featuring many new items as well as numerous fixes due to Blender 4 changes.

New Icons:

  • Face Project (Snap)
  • Face Nearest (Snap)
  • 13 Insert Keyframes – Available, Location, Rotation, Scale, Delta Location, Location Rotation Scale, Location Scale, Location Rotation, Rotation Scale, Delta Rotation, Visual Location Rotation, Visual Location, Visual Rotation
  • Keyframe Type – Keyframe, Breakdown, Moving Hold, Extreme, Jitter
  • Collision Box, Collision Sphere, Collision Cylinder, Collision Capsule, Collision Convex Hull, Collision Cone, Collision Mesh, Collision Compound Parent
  • Keyframe Handle Type – Free, Align, Vector, Automatic, Auto Clamped
  • Keyframe Interpolation – Constant, Linear, Bezier, Sinusoidal, Quadratic, Cubic, Quantic, Quintic
  • Keyframe Easing – Automatic Easing, Ease In, Ease Out, Ease In Out
  • Sculpt - Paint, Smear
  • Parent
  • Select Grouped - Children, Immediate Children, Parent, Siblings, Type, Collection, Hook, Pass, Color, Keying Set, Light Type
  • Extrude Edges
  • New Geometry Node Editor
  • Spreadsheet

Greatly expanded profiles (over 200 programmed additions)

Corrected label for Clear Parent Keep Transformation

Updated Unlabelled Icon set

Labelled Icon Pack created



191.69 MB

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