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Cubase Pro Profiles

by SideshowFX


Dec. 2023 New Version 3.0 Major Update.

Step up to the Pro Line! Use your Stream Deck 15 key or XL device while you work in Cubase to gain speed and leave more time for creativity. With over 700 custom-made icons, this set Includes extensive pre-built Stream Deck profiles featuring over 712 programmed keys for the XL device and over 632 programmed keys for the 15 key device including many functions using Midi commands.

Load any of your installed VSTs into a new instrument track or load any installed effects at the press of a button.

Control your Halion Sonic SE3 or Arturia VST parameters with your Stream Deck device using our dedicated layouts.

Use the Custom Page to control any VST parameter at the touch of a button. Assign keys to specific parameters and quickly jump between them to make fast adjustments.

Control any VST parameter using Cubase’s Quick Controls feature and your Stream Deck device provided you use the Cubase “Learn” feature to assign a QC knob to a controller.

Use your third party volume controller for various timeline functions as well as adjusting parameters in your VSTs. (Windows Only)

Quickly colorize tracks or even specific events independent of track color.

Works with all versions of Cubase V13 and earlier.

NOTE: NOT compatible with Stream Deck Plus or Nuendo

Stream Deck XL and MK shortcut profiles* all fully programmed and organized for the most common post production workflow.

See the What's New section for Version 3.0 New Features.

Note: You are NOT required to use our custom keyboard shortcut file if running Cubase 12 or Cubase 13. C12 and C13 users can continue to use their own customized shortcuts with any language keyboard layout. Cubase 11 users are required to use our Keyboard shortcut file which uses English (QWERTY) Keyboard layout.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: ● 700+ Shortcut Icons on Black Labelled ● 700+ Shortcut Icons on Transparent Unlabelled ● 700+ Shortcut Icons on Grey Labelled ● 700+ Shortcut Icons on Dark Grey Labelled ● 700+ Shortcut Icons on Dark Blue Labelled ● 63 page Stream Deck XL Labelled on Black Profile with 712 pre-programmed shortcut keys (Mac/ Win) ● 68 page Stream Deck Regular (15 key) Labelled on Black Profile with 632 pre-programmed shortcut keys (Mac/ Win) ● Custom Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac and Windows - english only)* ● 129 page Cubase 12 / 13 pdf manual ● 130 page Cubase 11 pdf manual ● Free updates for life ● License for use on 2 of your computers

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