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Cubase Pro Profiles for Stream Deck Plus - Mac

by SideshowFX


This pack is made only for the Stream Deck Plus and is for MAC only.

Cubase and Stream Deck Plus - made for each other.

Gain speed and accuracy in your audio sessions with this suite of 14 profiles allowing you to control all aspects of Cubase (versions 5 through 13).

Load Effects and VSTs at the touch of a button and enjoy the flexibility of controlling any parameter in your plugin software.

This suite of 14 profiles* all link together seamlessly with the Main Profile allowing you to access just the right set of tools for the job at hand. (*13 profiles in the Cubase 11 suite)

Separate suite of profiles available for Cubase 12/13 and Cubase 11 (and earlier).

The Mix Console Profile combines Transport Controls with Live feedback Fader and Pan keys along with Quick Control commands and EQ controls at your fingertips. Cubase’s Quick Controls just got quicker. All eight controls mapped and programmed. Just press and adjust.

Quickly need to add channel effects? Press a button, done.

16 preloaded often-used effects or quickly customize any effect you want

and it’s just a button press away.

19 pre-loaded VST launchers add an instrument track with the VST attached with room for many more you can easily program and customize yourself. Over 80 VST Icons included for your customization. (You must have the VSTs installed on your system).

Work with MIDI notes like never before. Retime and transpose using Stream Decks dials.

Whether you are a Musician, Sound Designer, Audio Editor - whatever your discipline, you’re sure to find just the right collection of tools and commands that help you get the job done quicker.

Watch the Installation/Navigation video

Note: Cubase 11 and earlier users are required to use our custom keyboard shortcut file which requires English (QWERTY) Keyboard layout.

Cubase 12 and 13 users can use any language layout and do not need to use our custom keyfile

(You can continue to use your own customized shortcut key commands)

This pack is not designed to work with Nuendo.


  • 700+ Shortcut Icons on Black Labelled
  • 700+ Shortcut Icons on Transparent Unlabelled
  • 700+ Shortcut Icons on Grey Labelled
  • 700+ Shortcut Icons on Dark Grey Labelled
  • 700+ Shortcut Icons on Dark Blue Labelled
  • Suite of 15 Profiles for Cubase 12
  • Suite of 14 Profiles for Cubase 11 and earlier*
  • Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
  • 142 page Cubase 12 pdf manual
  • 131 page Cubase 11 pdf manual
  • Free updates for life
  • License for use on 2 of your computers

*Cubase 11 and earlier users are required to use our custom keyboard shortcut file which requires English (QWERTY) Keyboard layout.

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