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Creative Tools

Photoshop Profile Pack for Stream Deck Plus

by SideshowFX


Creativity unleashed! Gain speed and leave more time for creativity as you work in Photoshop with your Stream Deck Plus device and this pack of 11 profiles programmed for various artistic workflows.

With 395 programmed shortcuts for Photoshop, and 273 programmed rotary dial controls you will experience a more streamlined creative experience than ever before.

Whether you are a Digital Artist, Photographer, Retoucher, Illustrator, Designer - whatever your discipline, you’re sure to find just the right collection of tools and commands that help you get the job done quicker.

Adjust any control parameter for Layer Adjustments, Filters and those found in the Camera Raw section. The Camera Raw Workspace is where the serious process of photo adjustments are made. With unprecedented control, move seamlessly across the parameters with our new dedicated dial controls, bringing your images to life with lightning speed.

The Adjustment Workspace brings all the control of Layer Adjustments into one area. Select your adjustment then dial in your desired effect with the Stream Deck Plus’ rotary knobs programmed for Coarse or Fine control.

The Liquify module of Photoshop has a dedicated workspace for precise transforming of your digital images including new controls for Face-Aware adjustments.

The new Styles Workspace allows you to apply and control many different layer styles all with your Stream Deck Plus device.

With the Swatches workspace you have access to 49 color palettes with a total of 245 colors divided into themes that can be loaded at the press of a button.

Even though we’ve jammed this pack with tons of pre-programmed shortcut commands, Photoshop still has plenty more to give. That’s why we’ve included over 1000 icons in Labelled and Unlabelled sets to help you customize this pack to include the commands that are unique to your workflow.

What's new in Version 2.2: German and French profiles added - You can now use this pack with your German keyboard layout (QWERTZ) or French keyboard layout (AZERTY)

Note: You are required to use our custom keyboard shortcut file.

What's new?

German and French profiles added - You can now use this pack with your German keyboard layout (QWERTZ) or French keyboard layout (AZERTY)



209.86 MB

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