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Elgato x Fallout

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Caleb Leigh

Product Owner, Marketplace

April 11, 2024

Before you brave the apocalypse, equip the right tools for the job. Officially licensed by Bethesda, this rare gear enhances your sound and controls, in signature Vault-Tec style. So you’re ready for whatever the wasteland—or your audience—throws at you.

Free Marketplace Add-ons

Retrofit your gear with free digital assets like a voice modifier, icons, and more.

Fallout-Inspired Stream Deck Icons

Customize your Stream Deck with a comprehensive suite of Fallout-inspired icons. From Pip-Boy silhouettes to faction emblems, these icons will transform your Stream Deck into a Wasteland command center, ready to navigate the perils and pleasures of post-apocalyptic streaming.

  • Extensive Selection: Over 569 meticulously crafted designs.

  • Diverse Styles: Two complementary styles to suit your preferences.

  • Dynamic Animation: 36 unique animated icons, featuring 324 variants.

  • Static Icons: 245 distinctive static icons for every need.

  • Customization Options: Includes blank designs for personalized creations.

  • Original Artwork: Exclusive Fallout artwork to enhance your setup.

VST Audio Effect - Pip-Boy Voice

Ever wanted your voice to echo the gritty reality of the Fallout universe? Our VST audio effect plugin does just that, adding a layer of post-apocalyptic rasp or echoing the vastness of deserted vaults, ensuring your voice carries the weight of the Wasteland.

  • Immersive Design: Inspired by the iconic Pip-Boy, Pip-Boy Voice FX features a user-friendly interface designed to capture the essence of Fallout's lore.

  • Versatile Effects: Choose from a range of presets, each offering unique effects such as signal drift, static, tape distortion, and radiation, allowing for unparalleled customization.

  • Intuitive Controls: Easily navigate through different effects modules and presets using the intuitive navigation system, with options to adjust parameters such as age, noise floor, and radiation intensity.

  • Seamless Integration: Pip-Boy Voice FX is seamlessly integrated into Wave Link, making installation and usage a breeze.

  • Reset Functionality: Experiment with effects knowing that the reset button is always there to revert to the original preset, ensuring peace of mind while exploring new sounds.

Stream Deck Screensavers

Dive deeper into the Fallout universe with our exclusive Stream Deck screensavers. These animated landscapes and iconic imagery from the series will keep your setup alive with the spirit of the Wasteland, even during moments of idleness.

  • Vault-Tec Screensaver: Step into the world of Vault-Tec with this captivating screensaver, featuring a rich green-on-black display reminiscent of early cathode ray tube monitors.

  • Experience the authenticity of the wasteland lore right on your desk. Vault Boy Screensaver: Bring the beloved Vault Boy to life with a special edition animated screensaver that showcases a variety of Vault Boy animations. Glitchy yet alive, this screensaver adds a touch of nostalgia to your workspace.

  • Fully Animated: Each screensaver is fully animated, ensuring a dynamic and engaging experience every time you activate it.

  • Compatibility: Compatible with all Stream Deck devices, including Stream Deck MK.2, Stream Deck XL, and Stream Deck+. Simply load up the corresponding profile and watch as your workspace transforms into the world of Fallout.

  • Easy Activation: Activate the screensavers with just one button press, whether your device is idle or you simply want to admire the beauty of the wasteland.

Custom Fallout Hardware

Stream Deck: Fallout Edition

Surviving the wastes requires laser-fast reflexes. Like a Vault Dweller’s trusty Pip-Boy, Stream Deck brings your controls right to your fingertips—so you’re never slow on the draw. It’s adorned in iconic artwork and endlessly customizable, as one-of-a-kind as your reputation. Shop Stream Deck: Fallout Edition

Wave Mic Arm LP: Fallout Edition

In a world of raiders and killer robots, it helps to keep a low profile. Wave Mic Arm LP lifts your microphone into position, while laying low to free up your view. Push it aside, swing it back, rotate 360 degrees—Mic Arm LP is there when you need it, decked out in atompunk flair. Shop Wave Mic arm LP: Fallout Edition

Wave DX: Fallout Edition

When one wrong word means getting blasted to bits, let Wave DX do the talking! It’s a dynamic mic that sounds incredible right out of the box—and looks great in RAD green. So listeners hear you perfectly, whether you’re bartering scrap or commanding your squad. Shop Wave DX: Fallout Edition

Wave XLR: Fallout Edition

Powered by Wave XLR, your microphone cuts through the static of the wastes. It’s an all-in-one audio interface and mixer, in a design inspired by post-nuclear Americana. With sound this clear and controls this easy, you’re ready to own the airwaves like the best wasteland DJs. Shop Wave XLR: Fallout Edition

This S.P.E.C.I.A.L.-edition collectibles from the world of Fallout has been crafted with the passionate Fallout community in mind, ensuring that every stream, every broadcast, and every moment spent in front of the screen is a tribute to the enduring legacy of Fallout.

From the vault to your desk. Survive in style.