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Get ready for launch: Starfield Edition

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James Espinoza

Technical Marketing Specialist

September 5, 2023

Embark on your Starfield adventure with our special-themed gear and loot. From Stream Deck icons to stream overlays, transitions, and more. Now's the moment to tailor your setup for the cosmos. Strap in, and let's journey through this curated collection, gearing up for Starfield.

Overlay, Alerts, and Stream Packages

Frontier Stream Package 

Venture into space with the rugged and modern Frontier Stream Package. Animated overlays and stream templates combine radar grids, sonar scans, satellite images, and digital pings for that perfect tactical look.

Talon II Stream Package 

Navigate enemy territories with the Talon II Stream Package. These overlays will match your stealth explorers and battlefield tacticians. Available in eight versatile color options: blue, green, red, orange, pink, tan, white, and yellow.

Not what you're looking for? Check out our entire collection of Overlays here

Minimal Stream Alerts Package

Discover the sleek monochrome alerts tailored for space explorers. Stay updated and never miss a beat as you navigate deep space. 

To find more alerts like the Minimal Stream Alerts package, click here

Minimal Scene Transition

Elevate your streaming experience with this stinger transition. Its minimalist design is perfect for any adventure looking for an additional perk. 

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Starfield Edition Stream Deck MK.2 and Wave:3

In collaboration with Bethesda Game Studios, we're excited to show the Starfield Edition Wave:3 and Stream Deck MK.2.

Available for a limited time, grab this exclusive collection on

Already have a Stream Deck?

Turn it into mission control with a free screensaver and Starfield-inspired icons.

 Download the screensaver and icons here.


Explore the constellation with this icon pack. This pack features 3,200 total keys and 200 unique icons.


Explore the constellations with this icon pack. This pack includes 6 animated icon themes inspired by Starfield and "NASA-Punk."

Starfield Icon Pack: Cosmic Command Center 

Transform your Stream Deck into a futuristic space command center that will elevate your streaming, gaming, and content creation experiences to intergalactic heights.

Embark on your adventures with the finest.

While the Starfield-themed Stream Deck and Wave:3 are available for a limited time, it's never too late to make the giant leap for your stream. With overlays, alerts, and transitions to gear up, be sure you're ready for your journey.