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Yamaha ZG Series meets Stream Deck

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James Espinoza

Technical Marketing Specialist

June 25, 2024

The Yamaha ZG Series offers top-quality audio solutions for gamers, streamers, and content creators. Its flexible connectivity and easy-to-use interface deliver an outstanding audio experience.

Advantages of the ZG Plugin

The Yamaha ZG plugin extends the functionality of your ZG series by providing numerous controls and actions directly through Stream Deck. This integration streamlines your audio management, making it easier and faster to access essential controls.

[A short demo of Stream Deck and ZG unit side by side with the plugin being showcased.]

Microphone controls

With a vast array of microphone controls, you can perform actions like muting your mic or toggling presets at the tap of a key. Here are a few examples of how you can use these features.

Toggle voice effects

Easily switch between different voice effects, such as radio or singing presets, to customize your sound.

Voice preset switching

Quickly switch between predefined voice presets to suit different parts of your stream or recording.

Adjust audio settings

Fine-tune settings like Gate, Limiter, and Compressor directly from Stream Deck to match the needs of your content.

Streaming mixer controls

Take control of your stream’s audio with these mixer and monitoring features.

Streaming mixer channel mute

While streaming, quickly mute or unmute your mic, voice chat, and game. This helps you quickly handle interruptions and keep your audio stream clean.

Streaming mixer monitor output

Toggle between the streaming output mix and the normal monitor mix to hear what your audience hears or to adjust your personal monitoring settings.

Streaming volume balance adjustment

Adjust the volume balance between your mic, voice chat, and game for clear and consistent sound during your broadcasts.

Audio monitoring

Switch between monitoring modes, such as headphone and speaker outputs, to suit your environment.

How to get started

To use the Yamaha ZG plugin, download the ZG Controller software and plugin.

ZG Controller software downloads

đź’» ZG Controller Software from Yamaha

Yamaha ZG plugin

With the Yamaha ZG plugin, your audio setup will reach new heights. Download the plugin now to take full control of your audio environment.

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