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Your Game Capture Neo and Marketplace

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James Espinoza

Technical Marketing Specialist

April 22, 2024

If you haven't yet, meet Game Capture Neo. It's a no-fuss capture card that helps you record or stream like a pro, even on an iPad or a laptop. So you can create engaging experiences, build a community, and share your console adventures with the world. While Game Capture Neo works great right out of the box, no setup needed, it's capable of so much more if you want to go further. And one of the best ways to personalize your gameplay is with digital assets like overlays, alerts, and transitions. Let's explore some of our favorites together.

Level up your stream with these assets

Are you looking for ways to level up your livestream? Explore Marketplace to add graphics like overlays, alerts, and more.


Overlays are graphics—like frames, banners, or animations—that layer over your video content. They can display information, add aesthetic appeal, or contribute to your stream's brand identity.

Neon Vibes

Sometimes you just need to relax, even in the middle of the rushed dynamic of city life. Neon Vibes is the perfect package for those who want a peaceful lofi aesthetic while embracing vibrant city colors. Designed to be elegant and professional, this package will bring your stream to a whole new level.

Nano Black

Nano Black is our nanotechnology-inspired Stream Overlay Package with a black-on-black minimal aesthetic. This fully 3D Animated Package Includes everything you need for a full stream upgrade, complete with 3D animated scenes, alerts, webcam overlays, and a 3D particle scene transition.

Lofi Night Package

Looking for a captivating Lofi aesthetic? Step into a dreamy bedroom adorned with a cozy Lofi vibe and a purple color palette. This exclusive illustration brings uniqueness to your streaming experience.

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Alerts notify you and your viewers of new activity, such as subscriptions, donations, or messages, enhancing viewer interaction.

Fallout Perk Card Stream Alerts

Prepare your Pip-Boy for incoming transmissions— Fallout Perk Cards Stream Alerts make every event an adventure in the wasteland.


Turn ANY image or video into a celebration with our Fireworks alert pack! Compatible with both Streamlabs and StreamElements, you can quickly install and swap in your own custom images or videos, or use the defaults included.

Glitch 2

Futuristic, minimal, and extremely versatile. The Glitch 2 alerts are hi-tech with glitch and distortion effects, and full compatibility with Streamlabs and StreamElements.

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Transitions are animations or effects that occur as you switch between scenes—helping create a seamless flow and keeping your stream engaging.

Pastel Clouds

Achieve coziness. This pack includes 10 stinger transitions in a cute cloud theme. Choose from two speed options, each in 5 colors — blue, green, purple, red, and yellow. Sound effects also included.

Unique Scene Transition

Turn your stream into a TV studio and show your viewers that you understand what you're doing. With these stinger transitions, you create a stunning transition as soon as you switch between your live scenes.

DarkMode Scene Transition

Turn your stream into a TV studio and show your viewers that you understand what you're doing. With these stinger transitions, you create a stunning transition as soon as you switch between your live scenes.

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Go even further with Stream Deck

Got a Stream Deck Neo too? Start recording, mute your capture audio, switch scenes, and do so much more with a key press. Here are some of our favorite Stream Deck plugins for gaming streamers:

4K Capture Utility

Control your recordings directly from Stream Deck. Harness 5 actions to control 4K Capture Utility (4KCU), Elgato’s next-gen audio capture software. No more juggling apps, windows, and settings. Instead, manage your audio and clips on the fly — all with a single key press.

OBS Studio

Pro production at your fingertips. With the OBS Studio plugin, go live or record directly from Stream Deck. Stop wasting time managing scenes, sources, and keyboard hotkeys. Instead run your video and audio on the fly, all with a key press.


Streaming made easy. Control your alerts, audio, tip jar and more with the Streamlabs plugin.

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Game Capture Neo makes it easy to stream and record. Leverage this powerful device to showcase your gaming skills in clear clarity and detail while captivating your stream with visual effects or transitions. Equip yourself with Game Capture Neo and embrace the future of gaming content creation.