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Your Key Light Neo and Marketplace

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James Espinoza

Technical Marketing Specialist

May 20, 2024

If you haven’t yet, meet Key Light Neo. It's a plug-'n-play LED panel that mounts to your monitor, designed to make pro lighting easy. So you look great on camera and build stronger connections with your audience.

While Key Light Neo works great right out of the box, no setup needed, it's capable of so much more if you want to go further. And some of the best ways to enhance your video is with plugins and virtual backgrounds.

Let’s explore some of our favorites together.

Control with a touch

One of the best ways Key Light Neo stands is its onboard controls. You don't have to dive into any apps or software; your controls are always in reach, so you can finetune brightness and color temperature or switch between presets. Change lighting to match your mood or the time of day, ensuring your video always looks great.

Or get the app

Want more control? With the Control Center app, you can easily adjust the brightness or temperature from your phone or your computer. Once connected to Wi-Fi, you can set the exact temperature and brightness from your phone or computer.

Download Control Center.

Stream Deck compatible

Combine Key Light Neo with Stream Deck for quick key-press adjustments, from tweaking temperature to changing brightness. Or switch between unlimited presets with a tap to go beyond onboard controls.

Virtual backgrounds

Backgrounds are a perfect complement to Key Light Neo, allowing you to drop into virtual environments. Whether you're using a green screen or applying backdrops within OBS Studio or DaVinci Resolve, backgrounds give your projects a professional and thematic appearance.

5 free backgrounds

Perfect for everyone from VTubers to professionals in virtual meetings. These backgrounds feature seamless loops and are compatible with OBS, Camera Hub, and all major video calling applications like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Anime Backgrounds

Dive into a world inspired by Studio Ghibli with these five enchanting anime-style animated backgrounds.

VHS Backgrounds

Bring a touch of retro flair to your video calls with these synthwave-sunrise animations. Choose from looping animations or stills to give your stream a nostalgic edge.

Cute Backgrounds

Collection of four hand-made animated backgrounds for VTubers and streamers. This collection also includes ten background assets, allowing you to create a unique background that perfectly fits you.

Discover more Backgrounds.

Discover more with Marketplace

Explore Marketplace and find the perfect additions to match Key Light Neo's versatility. Complement your unique style with backgrounds and digital assets to enhance every video call or broadcast. With Key Light Neo, every interaction is an opportunity to shine