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Hear the difference with Wave Neo

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James Espinoza

Technical Marketing Specialist

April 19, 2024

If you haven't yet, meet Wave Neo. It's a plug-'n-play USB mic with all the clarity of premium audio. So you can unmute and speak with confidence, whether you're meeting, recording, or streaming.

While Wave Neo sounds great right out of the box, no setup needed, it's capable of so much more if you want to go further. And one of the best ways to personalize your audio is with digital assets like effects and presets.

Let's explore some of our favorites, from noise removal to the perfect mic tuning for female voices.

Wave Link software pairs with Wave Neo to help you easily adjust your sound. It lets you apply audio effects, like noise removal and equalizers, so you can match your audio to what you need. Essentially, Wave Link gives you the tools to ensure you sound great.

Download Wave Link.

What are audio effects?

Think about when you're in your car and adjust the sound to your speakers. You might add more bass or treble to make it sound perfect. The same can be done with audio effects, bringing out your podcast or radio-sounding voice. But the fun doesn't stop there. You can also remove unwanted background noise, such as a fan or keyboard clicks, to always sound great or like you are broadcasting over the wasteland of Fallout.

Audio effects to get you started

Noise Removal

Silence background audio with a single toggle. Enhanced by AI technology, this effect filters out distracting noise like fans, air conditioners, and PC hum. It’s ultralightweight, works with almost any CPU, and requires no special GPU hardware. Your voice sounds crystal clear—no matter your environment.

Pip-Boy Voice FX

Introducing Pip-Boy Voice FX, the ultimate voice modifier VST designed to immerse users in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout. Seamlessly integrated into our Wave Link software, Pip-Boy Voice FX transforms your voice with a range of unique effects, all inspired by the iconic Pip-Boy device from the Fallout universe.


EQ made easy. With Equalizer, tune your microphone to fit your unique voice. Ditch the confusing numbers, knobs, and sliders of traditional EQs. Now, customize your highs and lows with ease in Wave Link — without ever sacrificing power. Whether you’re a beginner or pro, the Elgato EQ is the ultimate audio companion for streaming, podcasting, recording, and more.

Think of presets as audio shortcuts in Wave Link. They're ready-to-use settings that fine-tune your sound automatically. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been handling audio for a while but want an easier way to perfect it, presets help you get that studio-quality sound without all the fuss. Just choose a preset, and it instantly adjusts your tone and clarity, so your recordings and broadcasts sound incredible right away.

Wave:3 and Wave DX

Tailored specifically for Wave:3 or Wave DX, these preset by EposVox are the perfect fit. Both are designed to deliver optimal sound before applying Elgato's Compressor.

Starter EQ for Dynamic Mics

A universal solution designed for dynamic microphones. This preset enhances audio quality while offering a solid foundation to suit your style.

EQ for Female Vocal Range

Fine-tune for higher octave vocals for clarity and richness.

Discover more

Elgato Marketplace continuously evolves, regularly introducing new presets and VSTs that push the boundaries of what Wave Neo can achieve. This ever-growing library ensures your audio setup remains at the cutting edge.

Discover more audio effects and presets.