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Elgato's holiday wrap

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Caleb Leigh

Product Owner, Marketplace

November 28, 2023

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to spread cheer than by jazzing up your online presence? We've handpicked a festive array of digital goodies from the Elgato Marketplace that will add sparkle to your meetings, streams, video content, and webinars, no matter what holiday you're celebrating.

Let's dive into these festive finds.

Holiday Icons

Nothing says holidays to my tastebuds like gingerbread. This delightful gingerbread-themed free icon package adds a sweet touch to your Stream Deck.

Holiday camera slot

Frame your festive cheer perfectly with this free holiday-themed camera slot. It's like wrapping your camera or live feed in a bow.

Ugly sweater stream package

Embrace the holiday spirit with this quirky 'ugly sweater' themed stream package. It's fun, it's festive, and it's fashionably...ugly!

Holiday AR Alerts

Take your viewers on a magical holiday ride with augmented reality alerts, bringing the joy of Christmas to your Twitch streams with Streamfog.

Or, if you're looking for the classic alerts:

Festive friends

Your alerts will never be the same with these festive friends popping up.

It's snowing icons

Let it snow on your Stream Deck with these enchanting snow icons, perfect for creating a winter wonderland vibe.

Holiday badges galore

From candy canes to snowflakes, these holiday badges are a festive way to deck out your channel and reward your most loyal supporters.

Bauble event list

Keep your stream events list merry and bright with this animated bauble-themed overlay.

Seasonal emotes

From Christmas elves to snowmen, these emotes bring holiday cheer directly to your community.

Holiday stinger transitions

Smoothly transition between scenes with a touch of holiday magic using these festive stinger templates for After Effects.

Not so savvy with After Effects? We got you:

Starry night

Wrap up your stream under a starry night sky, guaranteed to bring out those cozy holiday vibes.

Reindeer Tamagotchi

This profile transforms your Stream Deck MK.2 into an adorable Reindeer Tamagotchi, bringing fun, companionship, and holiday cheer to your setup.

Let your digital content shine this holiday season with these festive finds from the Elgato Marketplace. Whether you're into the classic charm of Christmas, the sparkle of snowflakes, or just some good old holiday fun, there's something here for everyone.

Have your own holiday products?

We can't wait for people worldwide to see your holiday creations! Join the vibrant community of Elgato Makers and showcase your unique digital products on our Marketplace. Start your journey as an Elgato Maker here and bring your festive vision to life.

Happy holidays from the Elgato team!