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Transform Your D&D Adventures

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Chris McNamara

Technical Marketing Specialist

August 17, 2023

Whether you're a DM or a player, in person or over the internet, one of the most challenging parts of any campaign is creating an immersive environment. But it's also one of the most rewarding. With Stream Deck and a handful of plugins, you can enhance the entire group's D&D experience.


Change your voice

Character roleplay is critical to any campaign, and many of us create unique voices to bring them to life. We've all tried giving a half-orc a big, gruff voice for a couple of sessions, only to strain your vocal cords halfway through. With the Voicemod plugin, add an extra layer of immersion — without losing your voice. You can quickly switch between different character voices with a simple tap of a key, and new voices are seconds away for those surprise NPC conversations. Whether you want to adopt a gruff dwarf accent or a high-pitched halfling voice, Voicemod has you covered.


Roll the dice

When you take a big hit, sometimes you have to roll a lot of dice. And in intense moments like these, who knows where your dice bag is? Stream Deck offers various dice-roller plugins that you can customize in virtual tabletop programs like Roll20 and Foundry. Set up different roll types like damage rolls, skill checks, and saving throws, with the option to add bonuses or penalties. Having dice actions pre-loaded allows you to remain in the narrative — without having to gather 10d6 to see if you’ll be disintegrated or not.



Knowledge at your fingertips

Goblins, Raksashas, and Owlbears, oh my! With the Webpage action, instantly open your favorite websites to view house character sheets, monster stats, and other resources. All without pulling yourself from the game to flip through modules or monster manuals. Together with folders, you can group information by creature type, CR rating, or campaign. You can even customize each key with a matching icon design!



Simulate realistic lighting

Setting the mood and atmosphere based on the current scenario is key for any dungeon master. With Stream Deck, access plugins like Elgato Control Center to change the brightness and color temperature of your Elgato lighting accessories. Create ambiance with the Nanoleaf and Philips Hue plugins to create the roaring red fires of the Nine Hells or the lush, vibrant greens of the Fey Wilds.



Create soundscapes

Bring your session to life with the addition of movie-quality background tracks, location ambiance, and sound effects. Using the Soundboard plugin allows you to instantly trigger that monstrous roar when entering a cave. Need some ominous music for your dungeon? Got it. Need a heroic fanfare for an epic battle with the BBEG? Got that too. Use thousands of music tracks and sound effects right from the Stream Deck Store as well, absolutely free. No Slight of Hand check needed.