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Visual Workflow

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James Espinoza

Technical Marketing Specialist

June 21, 2023

Stream Deck is the perfect canvas for you to express yourself. With thousands of free downloadable icon packs to choose from, and interchangeable faceplates for Stream Deck MK.2 users, making Stream Deck your own is only a few clicks away.

Icon Packs

Easily download tons of beautiful, ready-to-use icons and .GIFs produced by graphic design pros. Key icons allow you to quickly identify actions and get visual confirmation that your command has been executed.

Valhalla by Visuals by Impulse

Inspired by Viking lore and Assassin's Creed. Featuring 432 total icons with flaming embers and Celtic stonework.

Download Valhalla Now


Material Icons by Google

With over 1500 to choose from, Google's Material Icons pack has you covered. These are based on core material design principles and metrics.

Download Material Icons Now


Photoshop Icon Pack by SideshowFX

Adobe Photoshop users, be sure to check out this pack designed around Photoshop hotkeys. With over 50 icons to choose from, you'll never forget a combination again.

Download the Photoshop Icon Pack Now

Pro Tip: .GIFs downloaded in icon packs have a label for easy identification. To preview the animation effects, hover your mouse over the icon.

Be sure to check out these and more free icon packs in the Stream Deck Store.

Key Creator

Do you want to create your own icons? Key Creator is the only tool you'll ever need to customize every key on your Stream Deck. The library also includes pre-made design elements you can use to create unique icons.


For more information, check out

Create Icons from Scratch

Can't find what you're looking for on the Stream Deck Store? Add custom icons you've created in Photoshop, GIMP, or even Microsoft Paint by dragging the icon from your computer onto a key in the Stream Deck app.

** Icon Dimensions ** 144 x 144 pixels For best results, use .jpg or .png files.


Design and share your own Icon Pack

Want to distribute your icon pack on the Stream Deck Store? Check out our Stream Deck Developer's Documentation for more information.

Stream Deck Faceplates

Make Stream Deck your own with our official faceplates. Designed exclusively for the 15-Key Stream Deck MK.2 (2021), Stream Deck faceplates easily snap on and off for instant customization. Choose from a growing range of epic designs. Switch your look on the fly.

For more information, please visit