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Mission Brief: Equip Your Stream for Modern Warfare III

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James Espinoza

Technical Marketing Specialist

November 10, 2023

Get ready, soldier. The battle calls in the latest installment of the Call of Duty series – Modern Warfare III. As you prepare for battle, arm your stream with the best gear from Marketplace. From sleek overlays, icon packs, transitions, and more, let's make sure your stream loadout is ready to go.



Your stream's look is your uniform—it must be a perfect fit. Here are some overlays to get you started and prepare for your next streaming session:

Nano Black

Embrace a sleek, covert aesthetic with this design, perfect for a streamer who commands the screen with confidence and subtlety.


Gear up, soldier! This stacked pack is built for streamers and video creators alike. Featuring multiple live screen overlays, stinger transition, and animated alerts.

Aqua Steel

A fusion of elegance and clarity, this overlay mirrors the strategic depth and calm precision of elite operatives.

Icon Packs

Icon packs are like a secret agent's toolkit, silently guiding you to action. Equip your Stream Deck with these ready-to-use icon packs:



These icons pack a punch with their 3D effect, standing out like a soldier in a skirmish.


Sleek and minimalistic, these icons mimic the covert operations of Modern Warfare, adding a clean, undercover look to your Stream Deck.

Recon Icons

Wage all-out warfare with Recon, a free icon bundle for Stream Deck. This pack is made for combat specialists and squad leaders.


Your transitions are your evasive tactics—keep the pace unpredictable and the excitement high. Check out these transitions to keep your audience engaged:


Unique Scene Transition 

This smooth transition brings a slight smoke effect, keeping your content fresh and viewers on the edge of their seats.

Army Scene Transition

Mobilize your scenes with the efficiency and punch of an elite squad maneuver.

Predator Missile Transition

Hit your mark with a Predator Missile. A special ops look designed for frontline commandos and esports pros.

Alerts & Counters

In the heat of battle, clear comms can turn the tide. Alerts and counters serve as your crucial line of communication, delivering real-time intel to your squad of viewers. Arm your stream with these tools to keep everyone in the loop with on-the-fly updates or to broadcast your win streak.

Clutch Counter

When the game's on the line, these alerts keep your team clued into every clutch play.

Gulag or Glory Counter

Stand tall with a counter that's all about survival and victory.

Cubed Alerts

Bring a modern, digital flair to your stream's milestones.

Javelin Stream Alerts 

Make each update hit with precision with military-themed alerts.

In the fast-paced world of Call of Duty, having the right gear makes all the difference. Marketplace is your one-stop store for every asset you need to elevate your broadcast. For streamers who are always on the lookout for more, Marketplace continues to be the go-to resource.